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How appointment setting works

We’ve got you covered on each step of the process to bring you ready-to-buy leads.

Lead research

Preliminary analysis, search, and qualification


arrow  To make targeting precise, we review your ICP and analyze TAM to define whether there are matching decision-makers.

arrow  Our team searches for people to correspond with your criteria and filters out those without the potential to buy.

arrow Finally, we segment the remaining leads and gather more details about them to be able to deliver custom messages.


LinkedIn & Email outreach

Designing and launching tailored campaigns


arrow Based on your ICP and research data, we develop outreach strategy and prepare templates of personalized emails.

arrow At the same time, our tech experts configure and warm up mailboxes to make sure your emails are delivered and seen.

arrow After launching the campaigns, we constantly monitor their vital metrics and adjust strategy if needed.


Appointment scheduling

Booking meetings with ready-to-buy leads


arrow  SDRs get in touch with the leads who respond to emails and suggest scheduling a call at your available time slots.

arrow  Before appointments, our sales people send gentle reminders to your leads about upcoming meetings.

arrow  In case of no-show, we follow up with this person to reschedule the meeting, as our goal is to bring you as many calls as possible.


When the lead is ready to meet, our appointment setter suggests free slots from your calendar and sets up the meeting. Before the call itself, we ping the lead to confirm the appointment. If they still don’t show up, we follow up with them and offer to reschedule until they are available to meet.

We look for people matching your ICP and the criteria you approve. Upon aggregating a database of leads, we check their titles, determine whether they are real decision-makers, verify their emails, etc. Usually, we use a mix of sources to confirm lead qualification, including LinkedIn, email verification tools, and others.

You own all the leads we find for you. We secure this in our agreements to help you feel on the safe side.

The price of our services depends on multiple factors like the number of calls and vetted leads, other outbound services you need along with appointment setting, and so on. To help you get value for money, we need to analyze your current situation and come up with the suitable solution.

As an appointment setting company, we commit to deliver to you a certain number of meetings with potential clients over a defined period. First results may come in the first weeks or month, though we can’t guarantee you’ll see them instantly as external factors like seasoning or industry specifics can impact our efforts.

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