10x revenue boost with leads matching your ICP

Reach out to the right decision-makers who are interested in your offering.

How sales lead qualification works

Check out how we make sure you’ll go to an appointment with the right person, step by step.

Company qualification

Checking if this business really needs you


arrow  Before starting lead research, we look for companies that match your ICP and might be interested in your value prop.

arrow  We check them against a number of criteria such as industry, company size, location, etc.


Lead qualification

Finding and filtering out potential buyers

arrow  When we have a list of companies, we start searching for relevant people there.

arrow  Our researchers hand-pick leads and double-check whether their titles correspond to your ICP.

arrow  Finally, at this stage, we review how long these leads are with company, whether they are real decision-makers, and so on.


Demand verification

Defining need for your solutions and booking appointments


arrow  To understand whether these leads have a chance to convert into deal, we ask them what product they use at the moment, how they like it, and highlight your benefits.

arrow  We collect their feedback about your offer along with the details of their buying process and other people involved in it.

arrow  Finally, we tailor our strategy for more precise targeting and schedule appointments with those who meet all the criteria.

First, we define and approve verification criteria with you, and only then we start looking for people matching those criteria. Also, we automate part of the qualification processes with our in-house tools, as well as external solutions like Gmass, QuickEmailVerification, etc.

Yes, we can do your inbound leads qualification. What’s more, it’ll help us better understand your TAM and tailor our research strategy to find the most suitable decision-makers.

We can increase the pool of titles, cover more industries, or locations. Besides, we can get in touch with those you’ve already contacted but haven’t proceeded for some reasons.

Our pricing depends on multiple factors. Basically, you can select one of our existing packages, or we can provide you a custom price quote for you to get the best value for money.

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