Engage inactive leads and build trust to win deals

Our B2B lead nurturing tactics boost your revenue by moving hesitant prospects through your sales cycle and helping you close more deals.

How lead nurturing works

We secure that all of your leads are followed up timely and educated with the most relevant B2B content.

Lead generation and outreach

Launching targeted cold email & LinkedIn campaigns

arrow  We start off by studying your ICP, industry specifics, and do initial market research.

arrow  We select, categorize leads, and gather additional info about them to make highly personalized messages and develop a further nurturing strategy.

arrow  At last, we launch targeted email campaigns, testing approaches and scoring the prospects according to multiple purchasing factors.


Email & LinkedIn lead nurturing

Creating, testing, and adjusting follow-up campaigns

arrow  Each of our campaign includes a detailed follow-up plan consisting of 3-4 follow-up messages and options for A/B testing.

arrow  Having the initial data on the launched campaigns, we canalize their performance and determine the leads that reacted positively, categorizing their replies.

arrow For each category of prospects, we develop separate nurturing messages. We use your social proofs, case studies, more details on your product’s benefits, and other materials to encourage leads to discuss the details in a meeting with your sales team.


Securing deals

Educating and consistent serving of relevant content


arrow  Not all of your SQLs may transform into opportunities and deals after the appointment. To ensure as many of them as possible become your clients, we launch long-term nurturing cadences for separate groups of SQLs.

arrow  Our content-writing team analyzes all of your valuable data and materials. Based on that, they design new valuable copies personalized for each of the prospect.

arrow  Our team of SDRs tracks each reply and general email performance KPI to apply data-driven decisions for gaining more traction and eventually bring you deals with the most valuable and hottest leads.

Email outreach allows companies to reach leads with targeted and personalized messages. It can make your offer visible to hundreds of prospects instantly and move them through the sales funnel, which ultimately results in increased engagement, sales, and revenue.

This may include white papers, case studies, webinars, educational videos and readings, etc. In fact, we can run lead nurturing outreach using any materials that provide valuable insights and information about your offer and, most importantly, its benefits.

The first layer of lead nurturing KPIs is email-related parameters like open, reply, and click-though-rates. The next metrics we focus on are lead conversion rates, deal closing rate, sales revenue, and ROI.

Sure, it does. Not only our team ensures stable appointment flow but takes efforts to identify the most valuable prospects and nurture them consistently to secure more sales.

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